Please fill out this form completely; failure to answer one or more questions may result in your application being rejected. Completion of this application does not guarantee adoption of a dog.

You may also download the PDF and email it to

Do you Own or Rent?
Type of dwelling
* If you RENT, does your building allow dogs?
What is your primary reason for wanting a dog?
If you are adopting a dog for your children and the children do not want the dog, would you be interested in adopting for yourself?
Does anyone in your family have allergies?
Are your pets spayed / neutered?
Have you ever allowed a pet to breed?
Is anybody home during the day?
Where will the dog sleep at night? Check all that apply.
What outdoor areas are accessible to the dog?
What outdoor areas are available to the dog?
Have you recently had all fences inspected?
Is all fencing in good condition?
The fence is intact on all sides and is at least 6 feet from the ground level in all areas?
I promise to have my fences inspected before the Home Visit and make necessary repairs for the safety and well being of our new pet.
Is there a gate?
Who has access to your yard. Check all that apply.
Preferred level of exercise with dog? Check all that apply.
What will you feed your dog? Check all that apply.
Would your dog wear an I.D. tag?
How would you rate your dog owning experience?
How do you plan on training your dog? Check all that apply.
How would you walk your dog?
When on leash do you / would you use: Check all that apply.
Are you willing to live with hair on the furniture, stains on your rugs, a warm body in your bed, and an animal that might be distructive at times?
Pets are an investment of your time and money. Can you afford to provide medical care, grooming, proper diet, shelter and exersize for your new pet?
Are you able to make a long-term commitment to care for your pet for it's entire lifespan, which could be as much as 10 to 20 years?
What if any might prompt you to give up your dog? Check all that apply.

We ask for an adoption fee at the time of adoption. This donation helps cover their medical care including, but not limited to, spay/neuter, vaccinations while in our care, microchip and rehabilitation. See Donation breakdown here

I agree to this donation which is a gift freely given, not a purchase price for a dog.

Please read and initial each statement below:


1. I understand that a home visit is required prior to final placement.


2. I understand that a home visit does not guarantee placement

3. I agree to provide my own collar, leash, corrective collar or harness, and a personal I.D. tag at the time of completing the adoption contract.

4. I understand that Deity Animal Rescue reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant for any reason.

5. I understand that this application becomes part of the adoption contract.