Covid Update
Deity Dogs and Goods store front is not currently open to the public.

All available dogs are in foster homes across Los Angeles.

Meet and Greets will be scheduled with approved adopters.

Our Adoption Process:

Step 1: Application Approval

Step 2: Home Check Approval (conducted digitally)

Step 3: Meet and Greet (in Los Angeles)
Step 4: Adoption Finalization

Please Note:

  • Completion of this application does not guarantee adoption of a dog.

  • Applicant/Adopter must be 24 years or older.

  • All dogs currently in your home must be spayed / neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

  • If you are not selected to adopt, note we do keep all applications on file for future inquiry.

  • Adoption Fees cover wellness check, both rehabilitation and vaccines while in our care, Spay/ Neuter and Microchip.

    Out Of State applicants:

  • To Adopt, we require an in person meet+greet (in Los Angeles) after application and home check approval.

  • You must provide proof of safe and reliable transportation back home for the dog provided by the adopter.

Adoption Fee Breakdown:

adoption fee covers spay/neuter at our partner clinic, microchip, vaccines (while in our care) and rehabilitation. 

$575 - 0 to 1 year

$400 - Young
$300 - Adult
$200 - Senior


Questions? Please email us at

Adoption Application





Are You Over 24 Years Old?
Upload File
Legal ID / Drivers License
Are You, Or Anyone In Your Household, Allergic To Dogs


Type of Dwelling
Do You Own or Rent?
Do You Have Consent From All Members Of The Household, Landlord/HOA/Other To Have A Pet In This Residence?
Does Your Residence Have Breed Restrictions?
Are You Planning On Moving In The Next 12 Months?


Accessable Outdoor Space (Select All That Apply)
Is Your Outdoor Space Completely Enclosed?
Have You Recently Inspected All Of The Fencing For Any Potential Escape Areas?
Is all fencing in good condition?
Will You Make Necessary Repairs If Needed?
Is There A Point of Entry? (Door/ Gate / Pet Door)
Do All Points of Entry Have Locks?
Who has access to your yard. Check all that apply.

For the safety and well being of  our dogs, we encourage adopters to have all fencing, enclosures and points of entry inspected before any Adoption can be finalized.


If You Have Not Previously Owned A Pet, Please Answer N/A When Appropriate

Are your current pets spayed / neutered?
Are Your Current Pets Up To Date On Vaccines?


Do You Have A Pet Door?
Are There 2 Or More Flights Of Stairs In Your Home That The Adopted Pet Would Have To Use On A Daily Basis?
Are You Willing To Live With Hair On The Furniture, Stains On Your Rugs, A Warm Body In Your Bed, And An Animal That Might Be Destructive At Times?
Pets Are An Investment Of Your Time And Money. Can You Afford To Provide Medical Care, Grooming, Proper Diet, Shelter And Exercise For Your New Pet?
Are You Able To Make A Long-term Commitment To Care For Your Pet For It's Entire Lifespan, Which Could Be As Much As 10 To 20 Years?
Will Your Adopted Pet Live Somewhere Else Other Than The Listed (On A Regular Basis)
Do You / Those In Your Household Have Time To Provide Adequate Love And Attention?
Will You Prioritize To Pay For Necessary Medical Care, Grooming, Proper Diet, Shelter And Exercise For Your New Pet?
Do You Agree To Provide Regular Health Care By A Licensed Veterinarian?
Do You Agree To Keep The Animal As A Primarily Indoor Pet?
When On Leash Do You / Would You Use: Check All That Apply.
What If Any Might Prompt You To Give Up Your Dog? Check All That Apply.


We ask for an adoption fee at the time of adoption. This donation helps cover their medical care including, but not limited to, spay/neuter, vaccinations while in our care, microchip and rehabilitation.

See Donation breakdown here

As stated above, this application will become a part of a future adoption contract. 

Please read and initial each statement below:


1. I understand that a home visit is required prior to final placement.


2. I understand that a home visit does not guarantee placement

3. I agree to provide my own collar, leash, corrective collar or harness, and a personal I.D. tag at the time of completing the adoption contract.

4. I understand that Deity Animal Rescue reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant for any reason.

5. I understand that this application becomes part of the adoption contract.

All of the information given is true and complete.

I agree to follow all of the rules and procedures of Deity Animal Rescue

Your Signature