"Nearly 2 dozen dogs found inside downtown L.A. RV and their pups need new homes..."
Kacey Montoya

"Nearly two dozen dogs were found living in deplorable conditions inside a broken down RV in downtown Los Angeles. Deity Animal Rescue stepped in to help but the pack has since multiplied and the pups need new homes.

For information on how to adopt the dogs, visit deitydogsandgoods.com."


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"21 Chihuahuas Rescued From Poor Living Conditions..."
By Lisa Guerrero

"A pack of 21 chihuahuas living in poor conditions in a Los Angeles RV have been rescued with the help of Inside Edition Correspondent Lisa Guerrero. After Guerrero was tipped off to the disturbing scene by a source, she immediately went into investigation mode."

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" Founders of Deity Animal Rescue chat with Bow Wow Labs about Fostering."
with Clinical Pet Nutritionist Johnna Devereaux 

Cuddly x Deity